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Public Art

Creating public art sculptures that incorporate the essence of the wild, Stafford's work is a dynamic fusion of art, nature, and social impact. Her mission is rooted in the belief that art should be a source of inspiration and accessible to all. Through charitable initiatives, Stafford is dedicated to not only bringing the beauty of wild art to the public sphere but also ensuring that it remains free and accessible to everyone. By intertwining the captivating beauty of the natural world with her commitment to charity, Stafford aims to ignite a love for art, foster a deeper connection with nature, and make art an inclusive experience for all members of the community.

'This is what HOPE looks like'

Client: Haven Hospices and Essex and Suffolk water

The inspiration for the Herd in The City elephant sculpture, ‘This is what Hope looks like’ was to embody the values of Havens Hospices, as symbolism is a strong part of my work. The flora represents honour, integrity, and remembrance; never giving up. The butterflies are a hint to the Havens logo and the fragility of life. The Robin represents loss, and this symbolic image is often used amongst staff members at Little Havens Hospice which is palliative care for children.


Client: Break Charity and University of Cambridge.

The inspiration behind this design was about aligning with Break's values. The blossom branches represent growth and a new beginning, the magnolia branches symbolise luck and stability and the dove depicts peace and love. All of which are the foundations for a new beginning. I really want this design to inspire and resonate with everyone while highlighting the amazing work Break does.

Images of sculpture to be released in March 2024

Southend City Jam 2023

Client: Southend on Sea city council and Southend city bid.

The mural, a poignant representation of the repercussions of bullying on individuals, features my sister, Autumn Rose, as its subject. Autumn Rose, who has personally endured the hardships of bullying, was taken aback by the surprise public unveiling of the artwork. The profound resonance the mural generated within the community underscores the gravity of the issue, emphasizing the significance of awareness and support for survivors like my sister.


Client: In the heart of Kent hospice and Chartway group.

In connection with in the Heart of Kent Hospice and sponsored by Chartway group. This design was inspired from regenerative and sustainable practice around biodiversity linking to Kents reputation as the ‘Garden of England’ with links to hop gardens. The flora being native to Kent and having deeper meanings to the Heart of Kent hospices logo and the cycle of life.

Images of sculpture to be released in summer 2024


Client: Keech Hospice Care and Cawleys

In connection with Keech Hospice Care and Cawleys; this design was inspired from regenerative, sustainable practice and the cycle of lifeThe cocoon, caterpillars and butterflies has been specifically chosen to link to Keech hospices key aim for change within the community. The process heavily links to change and the cycle of life.

Images of sculpture to be released in July 2024

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