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Pencil portrait drawing


£30 per session


7 Weeks

About the Course

The course is a series of 6 x1 hour long lessons that will focus on building the skill set to draw a portrait from start to finish. All equipment and materials are included in the cost of the course, all you need to do is just turn up!

Week 1- How to draw an eye.

Week 2- How to draw a nose and lips.

Week 3- How to draw an ear and eyebrows.

Week 4- How to scale up photos to draw using the grid method.

Week 5- Sketching out the form of a portrait ready for tonal blending and shading.

Week 6- Adding shading to the form of the portrait to create a likeness to the subject.

Week 7-Finalising and completing the portrait by adding finishing touches and details.

This course is not accredited by an exam board and will not give you a qualification in drawing. This course is a skill based workshop that will enable you to develop and gain the skills needed to draw a portrait from start to finish. Enrol now to show your interest and to book your space.

Your Instructor

Charlie Stafford

Charlie Stafford

Charlie is an experienced professional artist with a career spanning more than seven years in the creative industry. She frequently collaborates with universities to deliver lectures on the creative industry and produces custom commissions for businesses, both locally and internationally. Her area of expertise lies in portraiture and hyper-realism. Charlie is a qualified teacher with a PGCE in the FE skills sector and is fully DBS checked.

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